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We are excited to announce the latest addition to the MD lineup of extruder accessories: the Material Conveyance Unit! It’s okay, you can call it the MCU for short, all of us at the lab do too. The MCU was born from the need to keep our large format printers supplied with pellets through the course of long prints. Unlike a conventional filament-driven desktop printer that could run even an overnight print on a single 1 kg spool, these printers could require 5 kg, 10 kg, or an even greater supply of pellets to successfully complete a twelve-hour print. Such...

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At Massive Dimension, we strive to build the best machines we are capable of designing. Ongoing support for our extruder line is of paramount importance to our company ethos of dependability, and we want to make sure that our customers can grow and progress their printing capabilities concurrent to the expansion of our product offerings.  Inevitably, exhaustive research and informed innovation leads to design evolution. Though at its inception the MDPH2 was the best pellet-driven extruder we could bring to market, we have learned a great deal in the two years since, working with our machine and also with our...

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