MDMTX - Melt Tube Polymer Conveyance System

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The MDMTX is a game-changing new patented product. Designed to eliminate the weight at the nozzle the extruder can be mounted in a stationary position while the flexible tube is used to convey the polymer to the low weight nozzle. The nozzle has an on / off flow control to start and stop the flow of the polymer during no print moves, z-hops, crossing shells, and for stopping material weep. This system will give you the highest output per weight over any system available. 

The MDMTX system is built on our MDPE10 and MDPH2 extruder platform. Giving our customers the best setup for working with a wide range of different polymers.

Product Includes: 

  • 1 MDPE10 or MDPH2 Extruder
  • MDMTX - High pressure melted polymer tube
  • Control system - controls temperate zones, and motor speed 
  • Nozzle Valve Assembly 
  • How to documentation - Mounting, wiring, and operation parameters 
  • Engineering Support for Setup
  • 1 Year Warranty