Meet the Team

that makes it happen
Director of Marketing and Sales
Aaron Malys

Grew up in Western New York then attended Syracuse University for Photography and Design. Quickly moved to Brooklyn where he worked for numerous Fortune 500 clients. Aaron spent the next two decades in NYC doing all things design oriented. In 2015 he decided to make a major location change and landed in Vermont. When he is not designing for our two brands Aaron can be found listening to Dub and cooking Caribbean cuisine.

Tyler McNaney

Tyler grew up in Vermont and has been tinkering his whole life. He first went to Vermont Technical College in 2011 but dropped out to pursue Filabot. After successfully funding the Filabot on Kickstarter he’s invented, refined and run the business ever since. Tyler can be seen in the office, at the warehouse doing everything from running marketing meetings to helping design the latest products using CAD software. When he isn’t working, Tyler enjoys long walks and spending time with his family in Northern Vermont. When he isn’t doing that, he’s inventing more things, building more projects and having a great time doing it all. 

Operations Manager
Whitney McNaney

Whitney grew up in Vermont and has been with Filabot from the beginning. As the Operations Manager, she works tirelessly to perform the essential functions of our company. From customer support to fulfilling orders, she covers it all and makes sure we run smoothly. Whitney is the glue between our office operations and warehouse staff, balancing our two teams so we can work optimally. She loves dogs and is often seen with Ray, her black lab. Whitney works hard and plays harder.

Head Artificer
Sean Miller

After an early adulthood in academia pursuing bookish apocrypha such as semiotics and continental phenomenology, Sean discovered the simple joy of working with his hands while fixing his brokedown Volkswagen. It turns out finding solutions for engineering problems can be more satisfying than metaphysical ones. At Massive Dimension, Sean works on research and development for the large format printers, and heads integration efforts. These occupations run the gamut from process parameters to hardware iteration and even a bit of programming. In his idle moments, he tries to make sure the rest of the engineering team isn’t making too many spelling errors.

Lead Industrial Designer
Michael Porzio

Lived and studied in Massachusetts earning his BA from Rhode Island School of Design. In 2015 he moved to Vermont. He has used his Industrial Design background from building tools for future NASA missions to designing handcrafted furniture and tables for skyscraper boardrooms. At Filabot, Michael specializes in Product Design, Rapid Prototyping, and CAD modeling. Outside of work, Vermont offers him the luxury of testing and driving his plethora vintage and homemade off road machines.

Laboratory Director
Jack Simpson

Jack grew up in Columbus, Ohio, and came to the northeast to attend the University of Vermont where he obtained a BS in mechanical engineering in 2020. This is Jacks first engineering job out of college and he is very excited to join and contribute to the Filabot team! Jack is especially stoked to be joining a company that has such a passion for sustainability. When Jack isn't working you can find him on a mountain, snowboarding, climbing, or camping.

Director of Planning and New Business Development
Gene Torvend

Gene grew up in California and attended California Polytechnic where he received a degree in Aerospace Engineering. He was on GE’s Mfg. Mgt training program and worked for various high tech Businesses. Most recently he ran his own Multi-Plant Manufacturing company. His passion is sales, marketing, customers, engineering, manufacturing and growing new business.
Gene’s current focus is on business planning and developing new opportunities.

When not working, Gene loves his Dog Sage, Motorcycles, Fishing and the outdoors. Nothing better than a hike up the mountain while evaluating new business.