MDAC1 - GoFa™ CRB 15000: The Next-Gen Multi-Dimensional Additive Printer
MDAC1 - GoFa™ CRB 15000: The Next-Gen Multi-Dimensional Additive Printer
MDAC1 - GoFa™ CRB 15000: The Next-Gen Multi-Dimensional Additive Printer

MDAC1 - GoFa™ CRB 15000: The Next-Gen Multi-Dimensional Additive Printer

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MD Cobot Printer Cell - ABB GoFa™ CRB 15000  Series: Transforming Additive Printing

The GoFa™ CRB 15000 Series takes additive manufacturing to new heights, offering a cutting-edge solution for your industrial and specialized printing needs. This Multi-Dimensional Additive Printer is versatile, adaptive, and perfectly suited for groundbreaking applications like direct print deposition on pre-existing objects. This system comes equipment with an all-metal hotend for 1.75mm filament. 

Available Sizes
Designed to meet diverse project requirements, the CRB 15000 series comes in three distinct sizes:

  • 5kg Model: Ideal for small-scale prototypes and customized solutions.
  • 10kg Model: A balanced choice for medium-volume production and advanced research applications.
  • 12kg Model: Tailored for large-scale manufacturing and complex projects that require maximum efficiency and capacity.

Innovative Technology with Massive Dimension Additive Cells
What sets the GoFa™ CRB 15000 series apart is its integration with Massive Dimension additive cells. By employing these high-capacity additive cells, the CRB 15000 transforms into an incredibly adaptive and capable system, allowing for:

Scalability: Seamlessly adjust to different project sizes and complexities with ease.

Precision: Accurate and finely-tuned depositions make for high-quality end products.

Versatility: Open up a range of new printing applications, from standard prototypes to the direct application of print material on pre-existing objects.

Perfect for New Printing Applications
The GoFa™ CRB 15000 series shines when it comes to pioneering applications such as direct print deposition on pre-existing objects. Now, you can enhance, repair, or modify existing structures with unprecedented ease and accuracy. This capability opens up new frontiers in additive manufacturing, from architectural modifications to bespoke product design and beyond.

Features at a Glance

  • Multi-Dimensional Printing Technology
  • Scalable size options (5kg, 10kg, 12kg)
  • Massive Dimension additive cell integration
  • High-precision deposition
  • Unmatched versatility for groundbreaking applications
  • Take your additive printing projects to the next level with the GoFa™ CRB 15000 Series.

Endless Capabilities


The MDPE10 extruder can output up to 10 lbs of material per hour. Its impressive specs coupled with its extreme flexibility make it a highly capable contender for advanced printing in additive manufacturing.

Customer Testimonials


There is a very distinctive design language and quality of construction across all Massive Dimension parts. This combined with the fact that all these components are compatible with each other is a big selling point.

Dr. D-Flo

David Florian, Ph.D.


“We purchased an MDPH02 to convert an already existing industrial filament machine. They came to install it and did a wonderful job. Like most projects of the sort there were some unexpected issues but they made quick work of them and left us with a functioning pellet extruder on a previously filament based machine. Their product is well designed, well made and looks great on our machine!"

Studio Artefact - Montreal

Frédéric Letellier


Thanks to the considered design of Massive Dimensions extruders we can print parts in a wide range of materials, including up to 400°C, effortlessly and successfully.”

AI Build

Luke Rogers - London