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Massive Dimension Service Solutions for Adaptive Production

Massive Dimension was created with the vision of contributing to sustainable solutions to reduce plastic waste on this planet. This vision is supported by a diverse team of individuals who are experts in their respective fields. From the founder to the engineers to the brand builders, we all work together towards the goal of growing the most innovative brand in the Additive Manufacturing workspace. The industry sectors where 3D printing has made an impact grows every week. Our company is unique in that we never become complacent in our success but rather drive upwards towards the endless possibilities applicable to our products. Our group is omni-focused on providing turnkey robotic cells that are made for production, adaptive, and infinitely customizable.

From Raw Materials

It all starts with your raw materials. High quality plastic pellets for making your designs a reality!


To Polymer Dispensing Extruders

Our complete family of workhorse extruders make your additive workflow a breeze.


And Accessories

We offer a full suite of add-ons. From Screws to Material Conveyance Units to Hoppers and Nozzles, we have you covered.


To Turnkey Robotic Printing Cells

Fully autonomous additive manufacturing printing cells. We've partnered with the world's leaders in robotic arms to bring you a complete 3D printing solution.

Robotic Printing Cells

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81 Parker Road
Barre, VT 0564

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9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday - Friday



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