Introducing MDAC1 - Our Latest Innovation!
Welcome to the future of 3D printing! The MDAC1, the latest robotic 3D printing cell from Massive Dimension, is here to revolutionize your printing game. With a massive build volume, intuitive software, and six-axis motion, you can print large objects on angled surfaces, and create non-planar and multi-planar designs with ease.  So don't wait - start bringing your ideas to life and take your printing experience to the next level with the MDAC1.
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Turn-Key Robotic 3D Printing Cells
Fully integrated, precision, robotic additive manufacturing cells can be yours. Massive Dimension has developed a complete solution including extruder and ABB robotic arm and control. Build rates from 2 lbs/hour to 50 lbs/hour. Just connect a compressed air line and power and you are ready to go.
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Smart 3D Printing? You Betcha
A company name like AI BUILD can set some high expectations and by all accounts, they deliver on that promise.  First of all, they have taken the conventional notion of using a slicer to build a series of (more or...
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