ABB's Latest 3D Printing Power Pac Unveiled

ABB's Latest 3D Printing Power Pac Unveiled

ABB has unveiled its latest innovation, the 3D Printing Power Pac (3DPP), which heralds significant enhancements and features designed to advance the realm of large-format additive manufacturing. This blog post delves into the critical updates and functionalities of ABB's cutting-edge 3D printing software, particularly highlighting the Robot Studio 3DPP Version Q 2024.1. This version introduces notable improvements to both workflow and capabilities, enhancing an already robust system.

Enhanced Multi-Extruder Support - Up to Six Tools

A standout addition is the capability to incorporate multiple tools within the Power Pac, a leap from the previous limitation of a single tool. The latest version supports up to six extruders, which are automatically recognized during the print file preparation. This advancement opens new avenues for users engaged in multi-material 3D printing, allowing for large-scale applications. Multi-material prints can vary in aspects such as color, material properties, or layer heights, often including a dissolvable material for support structures alongside the primary material for the part itself.

Print Path Compensation

Although present in earlier versions, the print path compensation feature merits mention for its significance in large-scale printing projects. Recognizing the paramount importance of the initial layer, this feature enables the Power Pac to scan the build surface and adjust the print path accordingly, facilitating auto bed leveling with ease comparable to standard XYZ printers.

Advanced External Axis Coordination

The 3DPP now offers comprehensive external axis coordination, presenting two methods for driving an extruder tool motor: one with constant speed for universal compatibility with Massive Dimension extruders, and another with coordinated external axis for enhanced precision. For those employing a Massive Dimension cell, the integration of a fully coordinated external axis adds an extra layer of flexibility and control throughout the printing process.

Dedication to Advancement by ABB and Massive Dimension

ABB's commitment to developing software solutions for the additive manufacturing sector is unmatched among robotics brands. This dedication is evident in the continuous enhancements made to the 3DPP, reflecting the strong partnership between ABB and Massive Dimension. This ongoing focus on innovation and improvement provides a solid foundation for both companies and their customers to enhance their printing capabilities, transitioning large-scale additive manufacturing from a research tool to a production reality.

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