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Massive Dimension is a manufacturer of large format 3D extruders and their associated accessories. Our mission as a company is to facilitate the recycling of waste plastic through our additive manufacturing technology. We aim to provide the end user with high quality products to build their business. The possibilities are limited only by your own imagination.

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Customer Testimonials


Thanks to the considered design of Massive Dimensions extruders we can print parts in a wide range of materials, including up to 400°C, effortlessly and successfully.”

AI Build

Luke Rogers - London


“We purchased an MDPH02 to convert an already existing industrial filament machine. They came to install it and did a wonderful job. Like most projects of the sort there were some unexpected issues but they made quick work of them and left us with a functioning pellet extruder on a previously filament based machine. Their product is well designed, well made and looks great on our machine!"

Studio Artefact - Montreal

Frédéric Letellier


"There is a very distinctive design language and quality of construction across all Massive Dimension parts. This combined with the fact that all these components are compatible with each other is a big selling point."

Dr. D-Flo

David Florian, Ph.D.

MDPH2 - Pellet Head ExtruderMDMCU - Material Conveyance UnitMD Feedstock AgitatorRefurbished MDPH2 or MDPE10 - Pellet Head ExtruderMDPE10 - Massive Dimension Direct Print Particle Extruder - Standard Series

The Massive Dimension

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We carry a complete line of large format printing products from extruders to add ons and pellets.

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Massive Dimension Printing Heads

High volume extruder heads built for those looking to take their additive manufacturing endeavors to the next level.

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