Client Highlight: binary Uses MDPH2 Pellet Head Extruder To Produce 3D Printed Furniture

Client Highlight: binary Uses MDPH2 Pellet Head Extruder To Produce 3D Printed Furniture

In our last posting about Massive Dimension, we highlighted an introductory video and want to expand from there. In the video, you saw a robotic arm with our MDPH2 Pellet Head Extruder mounted on it. 

Let us introduce you to Sandy, she is the nickname of the robotic arm that used to work in a sanding/finishing process in the plastics industry, and is now happily re-purposed as a large format 3D printer. Her operator, Matthew Sutton, is the owner and operator of binary, a multi-material, multi-scale additive fabrication studio located in Salt Lake City Utah. Started in 2017, binary has been producing beautiful and sustainable products for the home and office using locally collected recycled plastics. 

One example can be seen on their blog: 

When working with our MDPH2, Matt exclusively uses recycled materials in his production, and embraces the natural variations that working with recycled materials can sometimes bring to the end-product. These variations can be seen in his hHourglass designs for his end tables. Made from locally sourced waste PETG, this approach generates new, long-lasting life for the material without sacrificing on durability or beauty. 

Check out his hourglass prints that we have at our shop from binary:

In the previous photos, we would like to highlight the layering and the MDPH2’s ability to generate this level of print.

Links to Furniture: 

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  • Ken Bessemer

    I want one – I want to design stuff for this!

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