Massive Dimension Earns ABB Value Provider Status

Massive Dimension ABB Value Provider for 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing

ABB, one of the world’s premier automation and power brands has certified Massive Dimension (MD) as a Value Provider.  What this means to you is that MD can now build and certify equipment integrations that use ABB robotic product lines: things like robotic assemblies and controllers. Notably, MD is the only additive manufacturer (aka 3D printer) that carries the Value Provider distinction. 

In this partnership, ABB gains the leverage and the unique high volume capabilities of the MD expertise in additive manufacturing. MD gains access to ABB robotic product lines and the worldwide brand recognition that ABB carries. The ability to build complete turn-key robotic 3D printing work cells was another significant factor in pursuing this partnership. All told, both companies gain in this partnership. 

The certification process took over eight months and involved all technical aspects of the company: engineering, design, programming, and fabrication.  Massive Dimension is now producing standard and custom turn-key additive manufacturing cells using ABB robots for true world-class products.  Incorporating robotic elements allows MD to add new capabilities to additive manufacturing.  Most notably multi-planar constructions and variable extrusion profiles allow for production of unique solutions to some of additive manufacturing’s most vexing problems. 

MD’s MDPH2, MDPE10, and MDPE50 extruders, when paired with an ABB robotic platform creates a versatile, high volume printing machine.  The MDPH2 extruder can process up to two pounds per hour while the MDPE10 has a throughput of up to 10 pounds per hour allowing for economical production of bigger projects. And if that still isn’t enough, the MDPE50 is the largest extruder that MD produces and has a high output of 50 lbs per hour for very large prints and the highest production runs.  Complete turn-key designs are available now, so contact us today to see if the MD series robotic printer is the key to growing your customer base.