NEW PRODUCT: MD Adaptor Nozzle

NEW PRODUCT: MD Adaptor Nozzle

We are excited to announce a new accessory for the Massive Dimension line-up, the MD Adaptor nozzle! Keeping with our mission statement of expanding what is possible with our extruders, we’ve engineered a solution for users who want the precision and resolution of a small nozzle diameter such as you would find on a standard filament-driven print head, but want to couple those qualities to a pellet-driven machine with a more expansive build envelope. 

Previously the smallest stock size nozzle diameter for the MDPH2 and MDPE10 was 1.5mm, with larger size diameters easily achievable by simply boring out the orifice with a larger size drill bit. For example, here in the lab we commonly use the standard 1.5mm nozzle, as well as 2.5 mm and 3mm nozzles- but you could go even larger or anywhere in between. However, there weren’t any options for going smaller! There is a logic to this, as typically large format printers are chosen specifically because they are capable of pushing larger extrusion beads which helps to complete larger volume prints at much faster speeds than a conventional filament driven print head. The sacrifice is in the resolution of the print, as the larger layers can’t achieve as fine a finish or level of detail as a small diameter nozzle. We found there was a demand for the option to swap out the larger diameter nozzles for something smaller to achieve higher quality prints and be able to do it all with one printer- and thus the MD Adaptor nozzle was born. 

The MD Adaptor nozzle is made from a standard MD nozzle, with a threaded hole and a recessed mating surface that allow a E3D Volcano nozzle to be inserted and fastened tight to a crush washer, creating an ooze-free seal. The E3D nozzles come in a variety of diameters, 0.4mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, and 1.2mm, effectively filling the range of sizes you might want before transitioning to the standard MD nozzle at 1.5mm. You can order the Adaptor nozzle here, as well as E3D Volcano nozzles. We are only stocking their brass nozzles, though if you want to order a nozzle made from another material you can do so from their website, we don’t modify the Volcano nozzle in any way so they will all be compatible.

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