Smart 3D Printing? You Betcha

Smart 3D Printing? You Betcha

A company name like AI BUILD can set some high expectations and by all accounts, they deliver on that promise.  First of all, they have taken the conventional notion of using a slicer to build a series of (more or less) concentric tool paths and removed its constraints.  You want bifurcated tool paths? No problem.  How about segmented, or conformal?  Piece of cake.  Multiplanar or fixed angle? Not even breaking a sweat.  Basically with their AiSync software any shape can be intelligently “sliced” along whichever axes create the best toolpaths for the equipment.  It even has an adaptive speed control that minimizes overshoot when there are abrupt changes in direction, making even the most complex builds look uniform and smooth. 

This level of flexibility is pretty impressive with users reporting AiSync™ building successful toolpaths 86% quicker, reducing failed builds by 65%, and making  parts that are, on average, 3x stronger. The cloud-based AiSync™ software uses visual coding in place of manual coding. By building a digital twin the software allows for simulations to be run in advance to confirm the desired result before committing to the build.  AiSync™ works with virtually all major platforms including ABB, KUKA, FANUC, STAUBLI, and COMAU. If you step up to their Pro version it includes direct, real-time control, fleet management, and quality monitoring and reporting.  The quality function can detect strings, clogged nozzles and other build parameters that can lead to poor build results.  Guess we’d have to say this truly is one of the smartest 3D print packages around. Check it out at this link. 

Massive Dimension can offer full robot cells that use Ai-Build software. Contact us for more information.

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