We have a NEW Website!

We have a NEW Website!

We have recently rolled out a new website for Massive Dimension! 

One goal of this overhaul is to bring our focus on robotics to the forefront and provide our users with a better overview of how our products function in additive manufacturing applications. 

We are highlighting our "Robotic Retrofit Kit"- all of the equipment that is needed to convert an industrial robotic arm into a large format 3D printer and the considerations that one needs to review during a robot conversion. 

The website update also provides more information on our turnkey robotic printing cells. These are all-in-one options for users who do not already have a robotic arm to convert and are ready-to-print solutions.

We are working with a number of robotic companies such as ABB, Staubli, and Kuka to provide our customers with a range of movement systems, and to be able to give the best integration assistance possible for customers doing their own conversions. Please reach out to us with any questions concerning robotic printing!