Elevating Additive Manufacturing: Meet the MDPE50
Massive Dimensions is at the forefront of innovation in the additive manufacturing industry, continually setting new standards and breaking barriers. Today, we are excited to introduce the MDPE50, a groundbreaking addition to our lineup of large format 3D printers. Engineered...
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New Material Options for Large Format Additive 3D Printing
ecoPLAS 3D201, an environmentally-conscious biodegradable compound, combines PLA and limestone filler for enhanced strength and reduced carbon footprint compared to standard PLA. Additionally, we offer Polypropylene (PP) pellets in two variants, with options for glass fiber or carbon fiber reinforcement, providing exceptional strength and lightweight properties. Notably, PP pellets require lower power consumption, allowing for printing without the need for a heated bed or build environment, and eliminating the necessity for pre-printing drying.
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Elevate Your Additive Manufacturing with MD CORE X
Unleashing Control, Operation, Record-Keeping, and Expansion in One PlatformIn a world rapidly adopting additive manufacturing methods, staying competitive means being agile, efficient, and always ahead of the curve. Introducing MD C.O.R.E.X—your ultimate software and control system designed to revolutionize how...
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