Massive Dimension's Integration with Universal Robots

Massive Dimension's Integration with Universal Robots

Massive Dimension is excited to share our recent project: integrating our advanced thermoplastic tooling with the Universal Robot UR10e for the Master of Science in Design: Robotics and Autonomous Systems (MSD-RAS) program at the University of Pennsylvania Stuart Weitzman School of Design's ARi Robotics Lab. This endeavor aims to enhance the capabilities of the UR10e, transforming it into a versatile large-format 3D printer.

Our team's knowledge in thermoplastic extrusion technology pairs well with the precision and flexibility of Universal Robots' UR10e. Together, this collaboration aims to improve efficiency and scalability in 3D printing. The UR10e, along with its siblings UR16e, UR20, and UR30, are compatible with our MDPH2 tooling, with the UR20 and UR30 having the added capacity for our MDPE10.

We've assembled a comprehensive hardware package that equips the UR10e for 3D printing. We designed this kit to be user-friendly, hoping to make robotic 3D printing more accessible to a wider range of users, including those who might be new to the field.

With our tooling, the UR10e can now create large-scale objects with impressive precision. The combination of the UR10e's robotic arm and our advanced extrusion technology expands the scope of 3D printing, especially in terms of object size and material options.

This integration could be especially useful in industries that require large, bespoke 3D-printed parts, such as automotive, aerospace, and construction. It holds the potential for prototyping, manufacturing unique components, and even creating architectural models.

We've focused on creating a user-friendly interface, striving for simplicity and ease of use. We also offer comprehensive support to assist users in fully leveraging the capabilities of this integrated system.

The collaboration between Massive Dimension and Universal Robots, exemplified by our work with the UR10e, is just one step forward. We're excited about the prospects and the ongoing evolution of robotic 3D printing technology.

Our project with the Universal Robot UR10e marks a noteworthy step in expanding the horizons of 3D printing. It's a development that opens up new possibilities for diverse industries, showcasing the growing role of robotic automation in manufacturing. We invite you to explore these new opportunities and see how upgrading your UR robot can facilitate the creation of large parts more easily.