Massive Dimension Livestreaming on Twitch

Massive Dimension Livestreaming on Twitch

In an effort to share more of the day-to-day activities of the MD lab with our friends and followers in the 3D printing community, we’ve set up a camera feed on our MDPH2 extruder to allow us to live stream prints through our Twitch channel! The printer, nicknamed “Potter”, is a customized SCARA movement system and fabricated aluminum print bed- the extruder also has our just-released MDMCU pneumatic auto-feeding pellet delivery system mounted on it, for those curious to see it in action. 

Expect to see us go live several times a week - there may be specifically scheduled events in the future but the regular streams will consist of whatever work is being done in the lab on any given day. The last two weeks featured many experiments with prints generated from Grasshopper scripts, as well as tests printing directly from regrind granulars. If you’ve ever wanted to see one of our extruders in action, stop by for a few minutes and say hello! Many of the videos will be uploaded to our Youtube channel and Facebook so you can get the satisfaction of seeing the conclusion of a print without having to sit through a multi-hour live print. 

The stream can be found at, give us a follow if you want to receive alerts when we go live! We’d love to hear from you in the chat if you have questions or comments on anything 3D printing related.

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