MDMCU - Material Conveyance Unit

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The Material Conveyance Unit is designed to move plastic pellets from a bulk storage unit directly to a lightweight material reservoir mounted on the feed throat of an extruder. The system utilizes a capacitive sensor to monitor the required feed rate of the extruder and deliver pellets on demand, ensuring an automated feed for your prints no matter how long the run-time. Every MCU comes with bases for both the MDPH2 and the MDPE10, which allow full rotation for the hose and sensor attachment points to swivel as the printer moves. Simply mount the material reservoir, connect the vacuum and air lines, then plug it into the wall and you are ready to go!  

What is included:

    • Material reservoir
    • MDPH2 connection
    • MDPE10 connection
    • Connector flanges x2
    • 10-24 x 2.25in bolts x4
    • 10-24 locknuts x4
    • Control box
    • Hose - 25ft
    • Large hose clamps x10
    • Small hose clamps x2
    • Pellet vacuum straw
    • 24VDC power supply


    • Universal power input -110VAC to 220VAC
    • Easy Cleaning
    • Lightweight and Compact
    • Works with pellets only
    • Connects to compressed air to convey material - 200lbs per hour output - dependent on air compressor
    • 30ft max material conveyance length
    • Auto on and off function
    • Continuous run time 
    • Works with any extruder, MDPH2, MDPE10, etc.


    MDMCU User Manual