The Perfect Companion For Your 3D Printing Manufacturing Cell - Adaxis Adaone

The Perfect Companion For Your 3D Printing Manufacturing Cell - Adaxis Adaone

At Massive Dimension one of our goals is to make it easy to get started with a high performance 3D printing capability. Though we produce turn-key Robotic manufacturing cells, a significant part of the performance of any 3D printing system is the software that drives it.  That’s why we recommend proven solutions like ADAXIS (  ).  As an ABB partner supplier, our Massive Dimension extruders work well in combination with ABB robots and ADAXIS software.  ADAXIS also works with Fanuc and Kuka robots and can natively write the code that these specific robots run on.

Other features that come with ADAXIS include the ability to interface with a two-axis positioner along with simulation of the robot arms to verify the planned print paths.  One of the features that really adds versatility is the ability to do different types of slicing: angled; radial; conical; and others. This optimizes tool paths and can reduce the amount of support structure that needs to added to the print model.

 This software can also be set up to define specific regions within the print block that might be optimized for weight or performance.  Combine this with its adaptive tool orientation and every section of the 3D part will be optimized for its particular function.  This is especially critical for large printed items like the boat shown in this video link)

 To check out Massive Dimensions robotic work cells, featuring ABB robotics and ADAXIS software follow this link and let your imagination be your guide.

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