Turn-Key Robotic 3D Printing Cells

Robotic 3D Printing Cell from Massive Dimension

Most people that want a high-performance, high-output, versatile, additive manufacturing machine figure that they are going to need to source separate components and build their own to get the performance they need. That used to be the case, but Massive Dimension has seen the need and has built a (growing) ecosystem around turn-key, robotic printing cells. No longer constrained by the limitations of cartesian coordinate thinking, a pellet-fed extruder head mounted on the end of a robot arm creates access anywhere in 3D space, from just about any angle. Massive Dimension turn-key solutions are the complete package: controller, software, robotic arm, pellet extruder, and heated build plate. All components are built into a self-contained structural metal frame. All you supply is power and compressed air.

The three additive cells available are the MDAC2, MDAC10, and MDAC50. The model code tells you the equipment: MDAC2 offers 2 lbs/hour build rate, MDAC10 is 10 lbs/hour and MDAC50 is a massive 50 lbs/hour build rate. Matching Robot arms are ABB 2600, 4400, and 6700 respectively. The smallest model has a 26” X 52” heated build plate, with the two larger models having a 3’ X 5’ heated build plate and an option for a rotary heated build plate, adding more versatility for complex shapes. Robotic cells have a typical lead time of less than 3 months and work with all of the appropriate MD accessories. The future of AM is here. Get yours today!

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