University of Utah Update: Testing - Large Format Prints
  We had previously mentioned our collaboration between binaryslc, Filabot and Massive Dimension in sponsoring the fall 2020 Digital Assemblies course, instructed by Milad H. Mozari, in the Multi-Disciplinary Design Program at the University of Utah.  The last several weeks have involved exploration and experimentation with materials and...
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Filabot/MD, binary, and University of Utah MDDP Collaboration
For the fall 2020 semester at the University of Utah students of Ditagal Assemblies be using tools such as the Filabot EX2 filament extruder, the Filabot Pelletizer, and the Massive Dimension Direct Pellet Head Extruder, students will be introduced to a process of exploring digital technology and scholarship in design and making, with a focus on material experimentation in a context of design enquiry and discovery.
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