Massive Dimension MDPH2 to MDPE10 Full Credit Exchange Program

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Massive Dimension MDPH2 to MDPE10 Full Credit Exchange Program

At Massive Dimension, we strive to build the best machines we are capable of designing. Ongoing support for our extruder line is of paramount importance to our company ethos of dependability, and we want to make sure that our customers can grow and progress their printing capabilities concurrent to the expansion of our product offerings. 

Inevitably, exhaustive research and informed innovation leads to design evolution. Though at its inception the MDPH2 was the best pellet-driven extruder we could bring to market, we have learned a great deal in the two years since, working with our machine and also with our customers. It has proven to be a reliable and affordable platform, adequate to meet the needs of many additive manufacturing endeavors. For some, whether they are working with polymers that demand extra melt flow customization or else producing at a scale that requires tremendous output, the MDPE10 is a welcome step up in machine capability. 

If you fall into the latter category, we have great news for you! Anyone who has purchased (or purchases in the future) a Massive Dimensions MDPH2 and would like to upgrade to the MDPE10 can exchange their MDPH2 for a 100% credit applied towards their upgrade. No, that is not a typo- 100% credit received for your used machine! 

This exchange program not only helps users on the upgrade path more easily afford the new MDPE10, it also allows us to sell refurbished MDPH2 extruders at a discounted price. This allows us to provide an even lower cost entry point for customers looking to get started in the world of large format printing. 

Click here for the fine details on the exchange program and please feel free to reach out to if you have further questions. We hope the MD Exchange Program can help you to achieve your large format printing goals!

MD Hardware Exchange Program

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