Massive Dimension ABB Additive 3D Printing Robotic Cells

Massive Dimension ABB Additive 3D Printing Robotic Cells

Massive Dimension and ABB offer a wide range of robots across various series, each designed for specific industrial 3D printing applications. Here's a summary of some ABB robot series that Massive Dimension can supply in a 3D printing system:

  1. ABB MD Additive Manufacturing Cell: Large format 3D printing additive manufacturing robot cell.
  2. ABB Collaborative Series Robots: These are designed for tasks where human-robot collaboration is key.
  3. ABB IRB 1000 Series Robots: Suitable for smaller-scale, precision tasks.
  4. ABB IRB 2000 Series Robots: These robots are versatile and can be used for a range of medium-duty tasks.
  5. ABB IRB 4000 Series Robots: Optimized for more demanding industrial applications.
  6. ABB IRB 6000 Series Robots: Ideal for heavy-duty operations in industrial environments.
  7. ABB IRB 7000 Series Robots: These are powerful robots designed for very high payload tasks.
  8. ABB Scara Robot: Ideal for high-speed, precision tasks in manufacturing.
  9. ABB IRB 8000 Series Robots: Tailored for extremely heavy-duty industrial tasks. 

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