New MDPH2 Pellet Head Extruder for Large Format 3D Printing

New MDPH2 Pellet Head Extruder for Large Format 3D Printing

Newly released pellet head extruder. The MDPH2 from Massive Dimension is a direct print pellet head extruder. It is designed specifically for large format 3D Printing where higher output is needed. Higher output means shorter print times, critical when prints are of larger scale. By utilizing direct particle feeding this pellet head can use more materials, materials that cannot be converted into filament during the conventional extrusion process. These pellet heads can be mounted on any movement system, we have installed pellet heads on industrial robotic arms and on XYZ systems.

Pellet heads have been used to print the first 3D Printed Car, Bus, Motorcycles, soon the list will be as long as the objects that have been printed by standard small format printers. Large format printing will change how human sized items are made, from tables and chairs to industrial and commercial applications. Large format is the next area of development for additive manufacturing and 3D printing technology.

Filabot and Massive Dimension are centered around providing hardware systems, hardware and software integration services, and development of 3D printing both large and small.

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