Retrofit Extruder Packages

Massive Dimension Presents
Retrofit Extruder Packages

for the additive manufacturing sectors

Large Format Additive Manufacturing

The Massive Dimension product line encompasses all of the components needed to convert an industrial robotic arm into a large format additive manufacturing platform. Our engineering team has been working in thermoplastic extrusion technology for over a decade, and we have gained considerable experience in this time. With our knowledge of extrusion and plastic processing, we are able to provide industrial-quality products that can be used in prototyping, trial runs, and full-scale production. Additionally, our team has experience and knowledge to aid with the integration of our print heads onto robotic arms. 

The following product listing categorically outlines the equipment needed to convert a robotic arm to a large format additive manufacturing cell.

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Massive Dimension Extruders

The Extruder is where the polymer is heated, pressurized, and pushed out of the nozzle into the final product during the printing process. We have a range of extruders, designed around desired outputs. Matching the output to the intended part size and the payload capacity of your robotic arm is critical for successfully building a robotic printing cell. All of our extruders use pellets as feedstock, allowing for increased productivity and decreased material cost over filament-based machines. Our extruders exclusively utilize high-quality servo motors for precision and durability and are designed for industrial applications. 

MDPH2 - Max polymer output : 2lbs per hour - Total extruder weight : 18lbs

MDPE10 Standard Series - Max polymer output : 10lbs per hour - Total extruder weight : 32lbs 

New MDPE10 Industrial Series - Max polymer output : 10lbs per hour - Total extruder weight : 32lbs 

New MDPE50 - Max polymer output :  50lbs per hour - Total extruder weight : 82lbs

Massive Dimension MDMCU

The MDMCU is used to convey plastic pellets from a storage container to the extruder head. A pellet reservoir is mounted on the feed throat of the extruder, which houses a sensor that continually monitors the level of pellets as the print is executed. The instant the pellets drop below a certain threshold, the sensor calls for more pellets to be delivered and they are sent via vacuum from a bulk storage bin to replenish the reservoir. This ensures automated feedstock delivery for the duration of a print, regardless of its length.

Massive Dimension Hopper

This Hopper features heavy-duty casters and a feed port which allows the MDMCU to draw pellets from the bottom of the hopper. The bottom of the hopper has tapered sides, which prevents voids from forming as the MDMCU pulls pellets to the printer. The pellet storage hopper is capable of holding enough pellets even for multi-day prints.

Massive Dimension Heated Bed Build Plate

This is the surface on to which the printed part is built. Our Modular Heated Build Plate has been designed to easily attach to additional build sections in order to create custom sizes and configurations for any size of large format printing. Featuring a ½” thick aluminum plate and custom high-wattage heating elements, this build plate is rugged enough for industrial applications and capable of achieving temperatures appropriate for nearly all printing polymers - up to 130C.

Massive Dimension Accessories

Extruder Screws - The MDPE10 has a range of different screw profiles to match specific polymer processing parameters. For example, in addition to the standard screw that ships with the extruder there is a high shear screw that offers improved performance if using powdered additives. 

Feedstock Agitator - This is an accessory designed for the MDPH2 or MDPE10 that ensures continuously flowing pellets in the feed throat of the extruder. A pneumatic vibrator with user-controlled on/off cycles interrupts bridging of stubborn materials. Recommended for high friction pellets such as TPU or regrind plastic. 

Extruder Nozzles - Various nozzle options and sizes are available to fit your printing application- everything from 0.4mm up to 8mm.

Massive Dimension Software Partners

In order to generate toolpaths and instructions for a robotic printing cell, there are several software options. Each software option will provide various levels of control and print processing capabilities. Any software choice should be evaluated against the proposed print objects and application desired. For example, do you intend to do advanced nonplanar toolpaths, or produce parts in a traditional XYZ horizontal deposition method?

AI Build 

ABB Robot Studio - 3D Printing Power Pac (Specific to ABB Robots) 



Why choose Massive Dimension's Retrofit Packages?

Massive Dimension is a leader in the Additve Manufacturing extruder market. We make robust polymer dispensing print heads for the 3D market. Coupled with your existing robotic arm or gantry system, we bring a complete integrated solution if you are looking to convert to polymer based printing. We might also note, we were the company with the foresight to build the next big thing in additive 3D printing! That is a solid plus now isnt it?

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Thanks to the considered design of Massive Dimensions extruders we can print parts in a wide range of materials, including up to 400°C, effortlessly and successfully.”

AI Build - London

Luke Rogers


“We purchased an MDPH02 to convert an already existing industrial filament machine. They came to install it and did a wonderful job. Like most projects of the sort there were some unexpected issues but they made quick work of them and left us with a functioning pellet extruder on a previously filament based machine. Their product is well designed, well made and looks great on our machine!"

Studio Artefact - Montreal

Frédéric Letellier